DISCLAIMER: This blog is about my personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) – your experience with M.S. (or that of your friend/colleague/lover/parent/that guy down the street/whoever) will probably be different, that’s how M.S. works, it affects us all in similar, yet vastly different, ways. Yay us.

14596033418_f24ccf68aa_oHey there!!

I’m Kirby and I’m a 34 year old woman living in regional Australia with the love of my life, and Multiple Sclerosis.

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) 10 years ago (M.S. anniversary this year, FTW!), and while the first few years were relatively easy to handle, after a decade things are different – different from how they were, and different from how I imagined they would be, different from the way I wanted them to be.

But 10 years in is still early days for Multiple Sclerosis – there’s still a long way to go and lots of future obstacles I’m yet to face. Yet despite knowing that, I feel so very lucky that I’ve made it this far, and still have hope for the future.

So this is the time I need to start finding new ways of doing the old things I know and love, so maybe I can hang on to as much of what “makes me me,” as I can, going into this murky future.

🙂 Kirb.

Note: This blog is a work in progress (thanks to my perfectionist tendencies and epic self-doubt ;)),  so things are likely to change.



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